We're Hiring!

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Be the Face

of Duolearn in your campus

Join our Campus Ambassador Program and help your peers learn and succeed. You will represent Duolearn in your campus and get a bunch of benefits and perks! Organize events, workshops, and hackathons and get rewarded for it!

Let's bring in the change we deserve, together.

Duolearn Student Partner

As partners, we'll work together to bring in a productive learning environment in your campus. We'll provide you with the tools and resources you need to help your peers learn and grow.

What do you get?

Higher discount to pro courses

Get discount on any number of pro courses, as long as you are a part of the program.

Goodies and Merchandise

We'll send you goodies and merchandise while on-boarding, and occasionally as well.

Performance-based incentives

The better you get, the better your rewards get! You will always have our back to help you do that.


Get certificates for your efforts and achievements. You can use them to showcase your skills.


Get a letter of recommendation from us to help you get a job or internship.

work closely with the Founding team

You will be working closely with the founding team to help us grow and improve.

Your Roles And Responsibilities

Represent Duolearn at your college

You will be the face of Duolearn at your college. You will be responsible for creating awareness about Duolearn.

Help your peers learn to code

You will have the opportunity to help your peers learn to code by conducting workshops through Duolearn. You will be provided with all the resources and support you need to conduct these workshops.

Help peers get awareness of Duolearn courses

Getting your peers to know about Duolearn courses is a great way to help them learn to code.

Oraganize events, challenges, and hackathons

Duolearn will help you organize events, challenges, and hackathons in your campus. We'll sponsor the required prizes and provide you with all the resources you need to make these events a success.

Help peers if they have any issues understanding the course content

You will be responsible for helping your peers if they have any issues understanding the course content.

Have fun!

This is a partnership, and we want you to have fun while you're at it. What more can be wholesome than helping your peers learn to code and see them succeed?

Registrations open

We are now accepting applications for the Student Partner program. Apply before it's late!